On Spoilers

When a new episode airs, the channel enters in a no-spoilers timeframe that lasts until a few hours after the upload of the new episode to youtube. This is done in order to avoid alienating the users who couldn't watch the episode live, forcing them to leave the channel to avoid spoilers, and give them ample time to watch it once it's been made available. If too much time passes without a youtube upload in HD and if download links are available, then the no-spoilers timeframe will be ended at the mod team discretion.

If you wish to discuss the episode during this timeframe, head over to #mlpspoilers.

Also if new details or images about future episodes are leaked, consider tagging them as spoilers, obscuring them by formatting the text as black text on black background (most IRC clients support this feature) and (in the case of images or videos) put !skip before the link/s to exclude it/them from the image log. Of course the #mlpspoilers channel is always available to discuss such leaked news.